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Pub Quiz 18/5

On Thursday, May18th, Zvedni Zadnek organized the English spoken Pub Quiz on the deck of (A)void floating galery at Prague’s “Náplavka”.

The event was hosted by Tomas and Honza. Despite the tropical weather we managed to lure 9 teams to join the quiz so it was quite packed.

It was hot as hell in the lower deck where the quiz took place. Contestants didn’t even have time to warm up their brains because we started with series of mathematical questions in the first round. The combination of heat and maths was leathal for some people as well as for the host Honza who had to take of his shoes and continued barefoot.

The atmosphere was quite tense when we got to the last round. All the teams tried very hard to win the game.

Eventually, Very naaajs won despite reducing the shot benefits to 0,75 point. Now it is clear that they have been wining mainly because of their brains.

Is there anyone who could stop these guys the next time?


Very Naaaaaajs 29,25
Gibbons 28,5
Teplické Obludárium 26,5
No Name 25
Team of Extraordinary People 23
Crocodille Dundee 22,25
Quizlamic State 17,5
Pekelní Megavysmaženci (PEK-MEG) 17


Check the photogallery here:

Check the coming event on our Facebook and register on our email pubquiz@zvedni-zadek.cz.

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Report from our first ever Pub Quiz in english

 On Thursday, March 16th, Zvedni Zadnek witnessed its very first English spoken Pub Quiz.

10 teams came to compete in their knowledge, creativity and problem solving skills on the deck of (A)void boat, located at Prague’s “Naplávka”.  The event was hosted by Tomas and the new chief pub quiz officer, Shark!


Here is a sample of the trivia questions from the night:

  1. With advancement in tech, this word has become one of the most used all over the world in the past few years. In polish, it is “samojebka” . What is this famous word in English?
  1. Can you tell the name of the country from its flag?



We would like to share our Pub Quiz with broad audience, we invite you to challenge your friends and come to have fun here.  You can find our photo gallery at the end of this article.

The best team with 34 collected points from all 5 rounds (out of possible 50) was team “Very Naaaajs”, congratulations! We would also like to mention team “Gibbons”,who would have won if not the 5 bonus points team Very Naaajs earned by having 5 rounds of shots in between the rounds.

Very Naaaaaajs  34
Gibbons 31,25
Tvrdky 28
Teplicke Obludarium 25,75
Hrobeso 24,75
Pridziganci 24,25
Tequila Mockingbird 24
How not to live a life 20,25
Team of Extraordinary people 17,25
“No name written on the answer sheet 16


If you have any ideas, how to make the event better or just want to let us know your feedback from the event, we would be glad to hear from you at pubquiz@zvedni-zadek.cz


Next English Pub Quiz will be held on 20/4, stay tuned for registration which will be opened next week!


Also, you can find us next week on Thursday the 23rd of March at Zizkovska noc, where Zvedni Zadek delivers 3 talks about different ways of travelling. 


Pictures from the event are available on our Facebook: 



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